The inspiration for the design of these earrings comes from a place, the Garennes, located in Juigné sur Loire in Anjou (49-France) where I had a real crush.

These are old slate mines in the open air where the forest takes back its rights, little by little. This place touched me deeply, by its relief, by its light and its colors, in the greens and grays.

It is the light and the color of the slate, different according to the environment, which challenged me and gave me the desire to try to work it, here in miniature and by bringing something new in my work, of the relief, and the continuation of research of a diversity of techniques, in addition to the marquetry.
It is thus a view of the sky of these Garennes that I reinterpreted in this project of earrings.

The back of the earrings symbolizes the basement of this place, still filled with slate.

Dimensions :

39 x 20 mm.

Materials :

ash, sycamore, straw, beetle elytra, slate