Privacy and Use of cookies policy

The purpose of the present Privacy Policy (hereinafter « The POLICY ») is to set out the rules  on how we process your personal data when you access our website via the following URL:  (« The Website URL »).
As data controller of your personal data Rose Saneuil takes all actions to protect as well as possible your privacy when you visit the Website.
This Policy enables you to find out more about the origin and use of your personal data collected when using our Website.
The term « Personal Data » as used in this Policy means all data relating to you alone and giving us the possibility of identifying you directly or indirectly, regardless of the terminal you are using.
The term « Terminal » includes any hardware (computer, tablet PC, smartphone, phone, etc.) used to visit our Web site.
Lastly, the term « Legislation » means the relevant legislation relating to personal data and inter-alia Regulation n°2016/679, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation, the Act relating to Informatics and Liberty n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 as well as Act n°2018-493 relating to the protection of personal data .
By using our Website, you agree to the terms of this Policy in its entirety.
If you disagree with any terms of this Policy, you are free not to use our Website. We may freely amend the present Policy.
Any amendment will take effect immediately. Consequently, you should refer you to it whenever you are using this Website in order to be fully aware of the latest version, permanently available on the Website. Any amendment will apply to the Website users only after said amendment occurs.

1. Protection of your Personal Data

In accordance with current regulations, Rose Saneuil lists all processes used in a register of processing operations currently made available to the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty)
All information you may have given to Rose Saneuil when visiting the Website is strictly confidential. This information is necessary for the purpose of processing them.

1.1.Which Personal Data are collected and processed?

Information likely to be collected and processed is the following:

  • Identification and address data like your first name, your last name and your email address
  • Connection data (such as your username on social media for example) and navigation data (IP address)
  • Personal preferences: including your preferences relating to cookies.

1.2. For what purposes are your Personal Data collected?

Personal Data listed here above are used for the following purposes:

  • Making contact;
  • Customer and prospective client management; and
  • Improving our service.

1.3.Who is receiving them?

Most of your Personal Data are used internally only and therefore not transferred to external recipients.
Only your connection and navigation data will be transferred to Google Analytics.
Rose Saneuil may also transfer your Personal Data upon injunction from Legal authorities.

1.4.How long do we keep your Personal Data ? 

Rose Saneuil will keep your Personal Data for five (5) years starting from the day contact is made if this is a once only occurrence and not followed up or from the last exchange in case of an ongoing relation.
Rose Saneuil may also keep your data for research or statistical analysis purposes, in which case they are rendered anonymous.

1.5.Personal Data Hosting

Your Personal Data are hosted by o2switch SARL having a capital of 100 000€, registered on the Trade and Company Register of Clermont-Ferrand under number 510 909 80700024 and having its registered office located at Clermont-Ferrand.

The servers on which your Personal Data are stored are located in France.

In any event, Rose Saneuil applies appropriate technical measures to maintain the security of your Personal Data.

1.6.What are your legal rights?

1.6.1. Consent

Your consent must be given clearly and unequivocally. Accordingly, when you accept to fill in the contact form on the Website:

  • Use that will be made of your Personal Data is explained to you ;
  • You need to tick a box to confirm your consent ; and
  • Children under the age of 13 cannot give their consent.

1.6.2. Other rights

In accordance with the Law, you benefit from a right of access, a right of rectification, a right of amendment and a right of erasure of the data referring to yourself.

  • Right of access and portability of your data which allows you to receive a copy of your personal data
  • Right of rectification: gives you the right  to request  rectification  of incorrect personal information; and
  • Right to the erasure of Personal Data which allows you to request erasure of your personal data.

Regardless of the purpose or of the legal basis in accordance with which we process your  data, you may therefore at any time and at no cost send us an email to the  following address: in order to enforce your legal rights.
Or send us a letter by post to the following address:

Rose Saneuil
16 Rue Delerue
92120 Montrouge – FRANCE

Please note however that it will not always be possible to respond favourably to your request for legal reasons of which you will be informed, if necessary, after we receive your request.

1.7. What are the legal bases for the Data Processing of the data? 

Rose Saneuil relies on several legal bases. When the purpose of the processing is initial contact or customer and business prospects management, the legal basis is your consent (article 1.6.1.).
When the purpose of the processing is service improvement, the legal basis for the processing is your legitimate interest; bearing in mind that its purpose is to improve the users’ experience and therefore to offer a better quality service.

2. Internet Browsing Security

2.1.Integrity of your data on the Internet

The Website enjoys appropriate security measures in order to prevent any loss, any unauthorized misuse or access, any alteration or only disclosure of your Personal Data.
All personal data collected are stored on secure servers. Rose Saneuil has also implemented procedures to minimize any personal data breaches.

2.2.Malicious use

It is recommended that you connect to secure networks only, preferably private networks. Be fully aware of the risks incurred on public wifi networks.
Apart from Rose Saneuil to whom you have knowingly transmitted your Personal Data and considering the nature of the Internet network, other operators, having no link with Rose Saneuil, are able to pick them up without your consent, especially when you navigate on the Internet.  Consequently, we recommend that you install anti-virus and « anti-spyware » on your computer and regularly update them.

2.3. Identity theft/Spyware/Phishing

Rose Saneuil will never contact you by email to obtain personal information.
If you receive an email in the name of Rose Saneuil asking you to submit sensitive personal data (banking data, data relating to your private life, etc.), please do not reply and transfer the email to us so we may launch the necessary actions.
You should only communicate information relating to your account after connecting to the website directly or via your browser.

3. Social Networks

Rose Saneuil is active on social networks. Rose Saneuil is inter alia on Facebook and Instagram.
In order to find out more on the protection of your Personal Data when you are browsing such websites, we invite you to consult the privacy policies relating to each of these websites.

4. Cookie Policy

A cookie serves to show you have logged in namely, a text file that can be recorded on a dedicated hard-disk space on your Terminal, when browsing on an Internet website. A cookie enables its sender to identify the Terminal on which it is registered, during validity or registration term of the cookie.
When you visit the Website, Iinformation relating to your Terminal’s navigation on the Website (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.) can be saved using cookies installed on your Terminal; subject to the preferences which you will have expressed relating to cookies and which you may amend at any time.

4.1. What purposes so the  cookies sent on our Website serve for?

Only the sender of a cookie is able to read it or amend the information it contains.
When you connect to the Website, Rose Saneuil may, depending on your preferences, install various cookies on your Terminal allowing your Terminal browser to be recognized during the life of the relevant cookie. Cookies that we send are used for the purposes as described below.  
The Cookies we issue enable us to:

  • Carry out studies and establish  statistics on traffic and use of various parts making up our Website (sections and contents visited themes and contents, clisckstreams),allowing  Rose Saneuil to improve the appeal and ergonomics of its new services. ;
  • Adapt the presentation of our Web site to the display preferences of your Terminal (language, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) when you browse the Website, according to the display or reading material equipment of your  Terminal ;
  • remember information relating to a form you have completed (registration or access to your Member Area) or to goods, services or information you have chosen on the WebSite (service subscribed , etc.) ;
  • allows you to access your Member Area, thanks to logins or data you have previously supplied, and
  • to Implement security measures, for example, when you are requested to reconnect to a content or  service after a certain time has elapsed.

4.2. Your Choices with respect to cookies

Various possibilities are offered to you to manage cookies. Each setting that you may implement could change your navigation on the Internet and the conditions of your access to certain services requiring the use of  cookies. You may at any time choose to express or amend your preferences in terms of cookies by the means described hereunder.
You may inter alia setup your navigation software to register cookies on your Terminal or, on the contrary, to reject them, either systematically or depending on the source.
You can also setup your navigation software so that the acceptance or refusals of cookies are offered to you from time to time before a cookie can be registered on your Terminal. For further information, please read the section “How to choose depending on the browser you use?”  at ” Article 4.2.3. here under.

4.2.1. Consent on cookies

The registration of a cookie on a Terminal is essentially subordinated to the will of the Terminal user, which may be expressed or changed at any time and free of charge via the choices offered by the user’s navigation software.
IIf you have accepted in your navigation software, the registration of cookies on your Terminal, the cookies iintegrated in the pages and contents you have consulted may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your Terminal; they will be visible only by their sender.

4.2.2. Refusal of cookies

If you Refuse the registration of cookies on your Terminal or the deletion of the ones already registered, you will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of features necessary to navigate on certain spaces of the Website. Such would be the case should you attempt to access contents or services requiring your identification. Such would also be the case when Rose Saneuil -or her service providers – could not recognize, for technical compatibility, the type of browser used by your Terminal, its settings in terms of language and display or country from which your Terminal appears to be  connected.

In any event, Rose Saneuil accepts no liability for the consequences relating to the impaired operating of her services resulting from the impossibility for here to register or consult the cookies necessary for their operating and which you would have refused or deleted.

4.2.3. Learn how to implement  your cookies preferences, according to the navigator you use? 

To manage cookies and your preferences, the settings of each browser are different. They are described in the « Aid » menu of your navigator to enable you to find out how to change your preferences in terms of cookies.

4.2.4. Deleting cookies

You can delete all your cookies or only some you have chosen. Deleting cookies does not stop navigation nor the reinstallation during navigation. This enables you to control the cookie
Library of your browser at any given time. Technical cookies, required for navigation, will be reinstalled if you visit the WebSite.

Here under, we explain the steps to be taken on each browsers.


  • Chrome menu, select « Settings »
  • Show Advanced settings
  • select « Privacy settings »
  • Click  on « Content settings»
  • In the menu « Cookies » (first part), click on « cookies and other site data »
  • Select cookies that you want to delete and click on « OK ». You may also choose to delete all your cookies.


  • Firefox Menu, choose « Tools » then « Options »
  • Click on « Privacy », then « Show cookies »
  • Select cookies and  click on  « Delete cookies »

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer does not allow handling cookies one by one. To delete all cookies :

  • Click on « tools » then « Internet Options »
  • Search for  « General », when you click this tab you will get a menu where you can « delete » certain files
  • Click the box « Cookies » then choose « Delete »


  • Safari menu, select « Preferences »
  • In the open window, choose « Security »
  • Click on  « Show cookies »
  • In the open window, search and select the cookies you want to delete, and click on « Delete »

4.2.5. Private Browsing

The “Incognito mode” offered today by all browsers, allows mainly to navigate on the Internet without storing the history of the pages visited  or downloads. Regarding cookies, all the ones registered during your navigation  will be deleted when you close your browser. It is not therefore a solution allowing cookies to be refused; however their life remains stays limited to the duration of your browsing.

4.2.6. Deactivation of tracking third-party cookies

Deactivation of third party cookies allows you to accept only the cookies submitted by the WebSite which you also have the possibility of deactivating, deleting or limiting.  Here is the procedure to be followed, depending on your browser if you wish to refuse third party cookies:


  • menu Chrome, select « Settings »
  • Select Advanced settings
  • Select « Privacy »
  • Click on « Content settings »
  • Select « Cookies » (First section), click the box « Block cookies from all websites »
  • Confirm changes by clicking on the « OK » button


  • Firefox menu, select  « Tools » then « Options »
  •  « Privacy », click the case « Accept cookies »
  • In the box « Accept third party cookies », click « Never »
  • Confirm changes by clicking on the « OK » button

Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer menu, look for  « internet Options »
  • Then « Privacy », click on  « Advanced »
  • Accept  home cookies, refuse all cookies
  • Confirm changes by clicking on the « ok » button


  • Safari menu, select « Preferences »
  • In the open window, choose « Security »
  • Either, « Accept cookies », select « only from visited websites »

4.2.7.Your preferences expressed on line directly with us

If you do not wish us to:

  • Collect your navigation data,
  • have the possibility of identifying the initial special operation in the event of a registration via a special operation

you may choose to disable third-party cookies, not essential to browsing the Website.

We shall then register on your Terminal a special cookie for the sole purpose of disabling the registration of such cookies on your Terminal.
This cookie will be valid for twelve (12) months.

Warning, when deleting all cookies registered on your computer (via your browser), Rose Saneuil –or her service providers- will not know that you have chosen this option.