Marquetery Reinvented

Mastering a technique gives you empowerment through its knowledge; reinventing tradition makes you a part of its preservation; exceeding boundaries is a pace towards creation

My art is above all about passion, conviction and deep-rooted attachment to the artistic way of transforming material into Art.

I had created my own technique – registered today multi material marquetry.

I make exceptional pieces, magical, ordered by prestigious clients: Precious caskets for famous luxury brands, watch dials and jewels for the most prestigious clockmakers and jewelers on the place Vendôme.

Great maple, mesh plane, burr walnut, bone, straw, nacre, leather, amaranth, shagreen, parchment, corian, brass, gold leaves, beetle elytra and egg shell (…) materials meet and harmonize through my creative gesture.

Everything starts from a drawing that takes shape through a thorough selection of materials whose layout resembles a rebus, and where each word finds its meaning thanks to the consistency of the sentence I want to write.

By my gesture, I gives the suppleness of the leather which merges with the hardness of the mother-of-pearl; the softness of the wood harmonizes with the dynamics of the straw; the brilliance of gold goes with the dullness of the bone …

A very singular alchemy compared to the look of a hilly landscape which needs to be tamed slowly.