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The Piaget rose with its hundred bright pink and softly scented “peony” petals is an endless source of inspiration for the brand. Once again, it is unfurling its fuchsia flower on the dial of an Altiplano. To create the bloom, the artist Rose Saneuil selected different materials (white mother-of-pearl, grained plane and pale pink maple, candy and scarlet sycamore), cut them up then assembled them, piece by piece, from the chapter ring to the heart of the dial. t took 25 hours and 96 wooden and mother-of-pearl pieces to make the dial. That means it took around 450 hours for this Boulle School graduate to make the 18 Altiplano Marqueterie de nacre et bois watches. The petals lie beneath two silver baton-shape hour and minute hands brought to life by the ultra-slim manual wind 430P calibre inside the 38mm diamond and white gold case. Price: 70,500 CHF. Sharmila Bertin piaget.com Price: 70’500 CHF. Sharmila Bertin


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