Earrings Silua Set

Collaboration with Piaget

What’s special about these earrings is that they’re reversible, with the elytra on one side and ebony and gold in Palace decor on the other.
On this project, I worked with beetle elytra. The challenge was to create the volume of the elytra in an alveolus, the curve required being different from the initial natural shape of the elytra.
These earrings are composed of 30 alveolus each, making 60 elements for the pair. And almost every alveolus has a different shape!

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The idea of going beyond, further, than simply depicting the constantly changing seasons of nature is what drives Metaphoria by Piaget, an ode to the natural world and its ever-static states. But this isn’t figurative or literal. Piaget pours its unparalleled expertise a high jewelry world where nature is revered but not replicated, mused upon but not quoted. This is Metaphoria by Piaget, a metaphysical distillation of nature’s most beautiful, complicated tempers, made permanent by Piaget’s unrivalled know-how.
« Creativity, as lavish as flora. Freed by the energy of pure nature, crafted by delicate euphoria ».


Rose gold, tourmaline, diamonds, beetle elytra, ebony.