Snake's Jungle

Collaboration with Louis VUITTON

Collection :

The creations celebrate the spirit of Gaston-Louis, the founder’s grandson of the founder, who headed the family business from 1907 to 1970 and whose artistic sensibility shaped Louis Vuitton’s modern identity. This fine collector of rare and precious objects owned a selection of antique tsuba – richly decorated katana guards – that directly influenced the design and symbolism of the Louis Vuitton Escale collection. Cabinet of Wonders collection.
In the heart of a verdant bamboo forest, a snake in luminous shades of green and blue
of green and blue unfurls its sinuous body and rears up, revealing its forked tongue and sharp fangs. The fearsome reptile fixes its gaze its ems to float weightlessly.
The watch dial “Snake’s Jungle” watch dial combines several exceptional crafts.
The back is adorned with bamboo motifs in multi-material marquetry. The snake, is created in micro-sculpture and engraving by Eddy Jaquet. Last but not least, champlevé enameling by Vanessa Lecci brings a wealth of color and colors and details.

Dimensions :

Ø 34,5 mm

Materials :

sycamore, hornbeam, tulipwood, white ebony, straw, parchment

This marquetry is composed of 367 elements.



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